‘Days Of Thunder’ Soundtrack 30th anniversary


On this day 30 years ago, on June, 27th, 1990, Tony Scott’s Days Of Thunder movie was released in theaters.


Those who saw the movie migh have recognized the emblematic voice that sang the end credits. Indeed, by request of Tom Cruise himself, none other than Whitesnake‘s David Coverdale was hired to record the track The Last Note Of Freedom.





As a matter of fact, Coverdale was busy promoting Whitesnake‘s SLIP OF THE TONGUE album with the Liquor & Poker World Tour 1990-1991 when he was approached to record The Last Note Of Freedom.



Consequently, whilst on a day off in Los Angeles, CA, he sang the masterpiece that would eventually be played during the end credits of the movie Days Of Thunder, thus adding another collaboration (this time again, with three of the greatest: Hans Zimmer, Jeff Beck and Billy Idol) to his resume.


To celebrate the event, WHITESNAKE Fan Page put together an anniversary video that you can check out NOW!




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