Monsters Of Rock 1990 30th anniversary


30 years ago, in August, 18th, 1990, Whitesnake headlined the iconic Monsters Of Rock festival in Donington, alongside Aerosmith and supported by PoisonQuireboys, and Thunder.



The band, then composed of David Coverdale, Adrian VandenbergSteve Vai, Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge played their most iconic songs in front of a huge part of the UK, since BBC broadcasted the show.


Regarded as one of Whitesnake‘s most iconic shows of all time, it was remastered and released in 2011 on  CD, DVD and LP.


Celebrate the anniversary of this emblematic show by checking out this video of the band playing Slip Of The Tongue in front of a huge crowd!

Click here to see the video

One thought on “Monsters Of Rock 1990 30th anniversary

  1. .Could you tell me what was your favourite song you sang at this gig ? and I have to ask this question , are you retiring or will you still attempt to do more gigs considering today’s situation 😀❤️……I remember you saying in an interview you would have liked to been an artist you have any drawings or paintings that you might consider showing or selling ? 💖


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