COME AN’ GET IT 40th anniversary

On this day, on April, 6th, 1981, Whitesnake, then composed of singer and founder David Coverdale, guitar players Micky Moody & Bernie Marsden, bass player Neil Murray, drummer Ian Paice and keyboard player Jon Lord, released their fourth full-length album, the underrated COME AN' GET IT. COME AN' GET IT is the last Whitesnake album … Continue reading COME AN’ GET IT 40th anniversary

2020 Retrospective & New Year 2021 Wishes

"With this great year 2020 ahead, WHITESNAKE Fan Pages wishes you the happiest new year… Keep on rocking!"... Those were my final words in my 2019 Retrospective... Boy, if I had known what REALLY was ahead... Anyway, it's that time of year when I look back on everything that has happened over the last year... … Continue reading 2020 Retrospective & New Year 2021 Wishes

LIVE… IN THE HEART OF THE CITY 40th anniversary

On this day 40 years ago - on November 3rd 1980, Whitesnake released their very first live LP LIVE IN THE HEART OF THE CITY. Recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon, the album is composed of many of Whitesnake's early songs, most of which haven't been played in decades! Then composed of David Coverdale, Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray, Jon Lord … Continue reading LIVE… IN THE HEART OF THE CITY 40th anniversary

INTO THE LIGHT 20th anniversary

Twenty years ago, on September, 25th, 2000, David Coverdale released his latest solo album to date. Coverdale's Into The LIGHT album marked the true beginning of a 5-year hiatus for Whitesnake, whose latest album - 1997's Restless Heart - was already supposed to be released as Coverdale solo album, but was ultimately released as a David Coverdale & … Continue reading INTO THE LIGHT 20th anniversary

Monsters Of Rock 1990 30th anniversary

30 years ago, in August, 18th, 1990, Whitesnake headlined the iconic Monsters Of Rock festival in Donington, alongside Aerosmith and supported by Poison, Quireboys, and Thunder.   The band, then composed of David Coverdale, Adrian Vandenberg, Steve Vai, Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge played their most iconic songs in front of a huge part of the UK, since BBC broadcasted the show.   Regarded as … Continue reading Monsters Of Rock 1990 30th anniversary

‘Days Of Thunder’ Soundtrack 30th anniversary

On this day 30 years ago, on June, 27th, 1990, Tony Scott's Days Of Thunder movie was released in theaters. Those who saw the movie migh have recognized the emblematic voice that sang the end credits. Indeed, by request of Tom Cruise himself, none other than Whitesnake's David Coverdale was hired to record the track The Last Note Of … Continue reading ‘Days Of Thunder’ Soundtrack 30th anniversary